Continuous Intelligence on Massive Streams

Instant Insight

Gain business advantage from immediate decision-making
Detect Anomalies that previously went undetected
Mitigate Immediately

Efficiency & Scale

x100 ROI: 10x faster with 1/10 the resources
Growth Ready: Billions of heterogeneous events per day

Complex Patterns & Behaviors

Machine Learning Graph Models in real time
Collective behaviors & interactions not evident from individual events

Machine Learning

Automated MLOps and Native support for major ML frameworks: SciKit Learn, Tensorflow, PyTorch, Spark ML; Seamless integration with existing models.

StreamWorx Machine Learning

Efficient Storage

Fast Playback and Historical Analysis; Accelerated ML Retraining: Automated Data Ops

StreamWorx Efficient and Secure Storage

On-prem & In-Cloud

Cloud Agnostic: AWS, Azure, GCP

On -Prem: Low cost & fast deployment; Containerized

StreamWorx Cloud Agnostic

Proven Performance

Proven Deployments in multi-billion events/day

StreamWorx Proven Performance